Financial Success Class

Beginning May 25 we will offer a financial success class called Faith and Finances. This is a 10-week course to empower people who wish to see God's power and restoration in their lives. This class is designed to help folks get ahead in their finances, so that eventually they are able to provide not only for themselves, but for others. Visit our Facebook event for more details.

Our mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ!


Nowata United Methodist Church is a body of believers belonging to the United Methodist Church in the Oklahoma Annual Conference. We are located in downtown Nowata, Oklahoma, where we seek to engage our community through a variety of ministries to reach outside our doors, by worshipping together, and by teaching adults and children how to talk about their faith.



Worship with us:

11:00am        Sunday Morning Worship





Sunday at 9:30am:        Sunday School

Sunday at 4:00pm:        Bible Study on                                               Acts at Delaware                                             UMC                                       (611 Washington, Delaware, OK)



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Serve with us:

Wednesday:                    Dinners with Love                         (on break until further notice)

Thursday at 5:45pm:     Choir Rehearsal

Friday at 5:30pm:          Faith & Finances


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